Please check the current availability of our products and colours here (link to an Excel table):

Wholesale Conditions

Would you like to sell us in your store? Download our catalogues and view our wholesale conditions below.


  • Please check the list above if we have a distributor in your country. In which case please contact the distributor first.
  • Wholesale pricelist will be sent to you on your request. All prices are in EUR; EXW Prague /Incoterms 2010/ if not agreed other way. The prices depend on quantity of your turnover. Minimum quantity per delivery is equivalent of 2000 EUR. Transport to your country usually costs 5-10% of total amount.
  • Payment is to be effected in advance by proforma invoice on our account.
  • In case of dissatifsfaction with our products, we are ready to either give you money back or to change the products.
  • Futhermore, there is always the possibility of printing the motive or quotation according to your desires.Minimum quantity per motive is 500 pcs.
  • Our delivery time is max. 4 weeks after receiving of definitive order. Forwarding company we use is Schenker, but if you have better suggestion, let us know.
  • You can download our Declaration of Conformity to health safety standards here



We offer custom production of enamel mugs. We can create a motif in our style according to your instructions (for example a motif of your city) or we can use a design or logo of your business.

  • minimal order is 500pcs of enamel mugs
  • we ask for down payment
  • the order takes about two months


We can also arrange larger enamel projects.