Our Story

The story of enamel – from working in a garage, to selling at Charles Bridge to opening stores around Prague

We’ve been making enamelware for over 20 years…

Enamelling is an amazing technique! I have been making jewellery from various material for my friends and myself ever since I was a teenager. Then I was introduced to enamelling – and I fell in love with it. I started selling my products on the Charles Bridge in Prague. 

1990 onwards…

 In 1990, my brother and I set up our first oven* in our garage and I began painting on enamel mugs as well. (*You have got to bake enamel at a very high temperature in special ovens).

We started supplying shops in Prague city centre and soon after we started receiving offers from abroad. So the company SMALTUM was born (officially established 1998). Today we have got 6 shops in Prague city center and we also supply sellers all over the world. Our estimation is that there are about 1 million mugs with my designs floating somewhere around the world.

What are we up to now?

am still in love with enamel. Today I work from our little workshop on new designs. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes something nice comes out of it. I most enjoy those little stories that return to us: A photo of a happy girl from France, to whom we sent her lost earring or a panicking father from the USA whose kid lost our mug and is refusing to drink from another…When I hear such stories I know that our products bring joy to others as well as me 🙂

Marketa Novotna


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